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Ewaste Management

inTarvo Technologies has a ewaste management division committed to providing efficient, responsible, global and sustainable waste recycling solutions to meet the challenges of environmental compliance and human health.

inTarvo’s aim is to help enterprises, government and consumers to live up to their responsibilities as good corporate citizens

inTarvo will continue to monitor MoEF, WEEE, RoHS EPA, CPCB or any other initiatives and directives and environmental landscape to anticipate market and environmental requirements and deliver the most advanced Waste Recycling solutions to address Customers need & requirements


Un Organized Sector


Un defined recycling process or certifications, with no transparency and certification. Transparent process consisting of segregation, shredding, pneumatic and electrostatic separation
Burning and Incineration is rampant, polluting the air and risking human lives inTarvo’s process is burning and incineration free
Liquid process using Cyanide & Acids, risking contaminating & leaching of groundwater, soil and air Dry process enclosed and in vacuum tube, excluding all chemicals and liquids
Mainly focused on treatment of circuit boards to recover precious metals by the liquid / acid process Finished products are material fragments of metals, plastic and glass etc.
No Asset Management Services End to End solutions i.e. Asset Recovery, Disposition and Recycling Services
Only PCB’s are exported and most hazardous waste is disposed in open sewers or sent to landfills, precipitating Fragments are sent for smelting and less than 1% of hazardous by-product is sent to an approved Toxic Storage and Disposal Facility
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